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A quick overview

What we do

We are part of an international investors group. We invest in, buy businesses across a variety of sectors, in multiple countries. If you are thinking about selling, expanding, restructuring or your business in in a distressed position then get in touch.

If you have put your business on the market with a broker and it has been listed for more than a year with no result, ask your broker to contact us so together we can achieve your objective of the business being sold. Our primary objective is to close off a deal in three months.

If you are unsure of where we can assist you, schedule a call back from us to discuss at no expense to you.


We are part of an international group. We buy SME’s (Small, medium enterprises). Get in touch to discuss in more detail.

Invest in

Is your SME’s in need of additional working capital then get in touch to discuss.

Implement change

Looking to make changes, not sure where to begin? We provide expertise, to help you make the transition. For more information have a look at our Raxsonic SME Plan and how make a difference. If you would like to discuss your scenario in more detail get in touch.


Your business is facing possible administration / liquidation, and you need to find the quickest way to avoid this.


We like to conclude a deal in three months. If you are seriously thinking about selling your business get in touch.

Help you grow

Looking to expand, grow your business, we take you through the options we can implement to make it happen.


Listed with a broker

If your business is already listed with a business broker, we cannot enter discussions with you. You can ask your broker to work with us to achieve your objective.

You are a broker

You are serious about selling your clients business. If you would like to discuss in more detail get in touch.

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